Which Classic Cars Pulled Off Fender Mirrors Best?

Fender mirrors eliminate typical C-pillar blind spots and allow the driver to focus their eyes on the road without having to refer to door-mounted mirrors in order to see what’s going on at the flanks and rear of the car. They also protrude less from the sides of the vehicle, which comes in handy when maneuvering the narrow roads of Japan. Finally, it’s said that out of respect for their passengers, wing mirrors eliminate the extra head turning needed for door equipped side view mirrors, providing more privacy for occupants.

But enough about Japanese cabs! Some of the more popular Japanese Nostalgic Cars of relevance are the Nissan Hakosuka and Kenmeri model Skylines—both of which look fantastic with their low-slung black fender mirrors.

Another Nissan that, in my opinion is a contender for best fender mirror application, is the Japanese market Fairlady Z—also known as the Datsun 240z here in North America. With its long, gradually sloping forward hood line, the S30 Z-car’s bonnet is only further exaggerated with fender bolted bullet mirrors. The mirrors’ thin support arms are swept back giving the car an extra sporty look.

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