Top 10 Stunning And Mysterious Cloud Formations

8. A Man Running In The Clouds

A Man Running In The Clouds
Clouds are mischievous. They are so tricky that they’ll form an apparition of love moments before you propose only to be turned down. It’s also a common knowledge a small cloud in the middle of picnic can transform into a deluge within minutes sending all and sundry dashing for cover while fumbling with car keys. When not scaring people for cover, she can form awe and inspiring formation moments before big events in a coincidental fashion and the residents of John O Groats got this impressive memo.

Moments before the start of a racing completion, nature had a head start when apparition of a man hot on his heels was visible for a couple of seconds prior to the competition. Immediately the snap was upload to the internet, it caused a huge sensation that was eventually declared the ‘’photo of the summer’’.

7. The Apocalyptic Horses Of Doom

Stunning And Mysterious Cloud Formations
Christians know bible makes several prophesies of the future including apocalyptic horsemen who are said to signal imminent ‘’strife and key events’’ in the history of the world. So when mysterious cloud apparitions appeared over the skies of Malaysia on 2009, it raised healthy doses of debate, headlines and rumors as well. Though the cloud did form a number of horses, its religious aspect is up for debate. You can watch here.

6. The Mysterious Cloud Of 1963

The Mysterious Cloud Of 1963
In the closing hours of Feb 1963, the residents of Arizona are reported to have seen a mysterious cloud formations that in scientific term ‘’defied all rational explanation’’. The cloud was reported to be 48 km (30 miles) across and 41 km (26miles) high in a bright dark cloudless sky. According to witness, the cloud suddenly appeared to have been drawn by an unseen entity and was visible for several minutes.

Curious citizens immediately flooded the University of Arizona Institute of Atmospheric Physics for answers but the scientists were amateurs as well. Unsurprisingly, a televangelist called and confessed to have been visited by 7 angels who made the cloud as they flew back to their heavenly abode.

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