Top 10 Mysteries of The World That Even Science Can’t Explain

The island seems to have been completely abandoned. Flowserve also dispatched a plane to survey the island but found no clues. Local residents told Flows, many years ago, humans lived on this island. They relied on fishing, hunting, and exchange of specialties with residents outside the island for a living. However, for some time, residents of the island suddenly disappeared outside the island.

Several men outside the island went to the island to explore what happened. When they arrived on the island, they were stunned by the sight they were seeing. The village was abandoned. The house was left intact. And, the fish was still on the extinguished fire. Where did the island inhabitants go? Since then, no one lives on this island except for birds.

9. 256 year old man?

Li Ching-Yuen 256 year old man

Li Qingyuan (1677-1933), who enjoyed 256 years of life, is a Chinese medicine scholar from late Qing Dynasty and early republic. At the age of 100, he was particularly rewarded by the governments for his outstanding achievements in traditional Chinese medicine. While he was 200, he often went to university for lectures.

Li Qingyuan married 24 wives throughout his life, offspring full house. Why he can live to 256 years old?

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