Top 10 Great At-Home Creative Photography Ideas

10 Great At-Home Creative Photography Ideas

The best bit about food photography is eating the food!

3. Lensball light painting

A lot of Lensball photography will be carried outdoors, however, the Lensball is an excellent still-life object too.

One popular indoor project for Lensball photographers is light painting. You’ll need a dark room, tripod, and sheet of glass to go on the table as your initial setup.

  • Keyring – Use this under the ball to prevent it from rolling on the glass.
  • Table – Place the glass sheet on a table, and then put the ball on this.
  • Camera – Set the camera up on the tripod, and focus it on the ball.
  • Dark – Turn the lights off in the room, and ensure no ambient light seeps into the room.
  • Exposure – The exposure length should be around five seconds, but could be longer.
  • Light painting – With the camera setup, hit exposure, and light paint behind the ball with the light-emitting device of your choice.

10 Great At-Home Creative Photography Ideas

In this photo, an iPhone was used to produce the light painting.

4. Freezing objects in ice

A fun project to try when you have a bit of time at home is freezing objects in ice. You’ll need a few days to complete each photo since there is a process involved in freezing an object. The main thing you need to achieve is getting the object to freeze in the middle of the block of ice.

If you want to read about how to successfully carry out this technique, then click this link.
10 Great At-Home Creative Photography Ideas

Take your food photography in a different direction with this technique.

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