Top 10 Energy Boosting Foods for Breakfast

Chia seeds

About the size of poppy seeds, chia seeds contain iron, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, folate, and potassium. Unlike flax and poppy though, chia seeds have a curious superpower: In less than 10 minutes, they can absorb nine to 12 times their weight in liquid. This property gives chia seeds a thick, gel-like texture and consistency perfect for breakfasts like oatmeal, smoothies, baked goods, and chia pudding.


From cacao nibs to dark chocolate, you can have something chocolaty for breakfast and still call it healthy. Cacao is the raw pod from cacao trees that are processed into cocoa and chocolate. Cacao is an excellent source of fiber, zinc, iron, and magnesium.

While not exactly a breakfast item itself, cacao can even take the place of your morning coffee. Instead of caffeine, cacao contains theobromine, which is said to induce feelings of euphoria while giving a similar rush as caffeine with fewer jitters.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt packs carbs, healthy fats, and lean protein into creamy, tangy goodness. Usually available with fewer sweeteners than traditional yogurt, Greek yogurt also contains higher amounts of protein per serving. And because it digests relatively slowly, it can help keep you productive and focused longer.

Whole grains

Oats, brown rice, quinoa, whole-grain breads, and cereals—you name it: Whole grains are a breakfast staple. They boost energy with complex carbohydrates that release over time. Plus, whole grains provide other minerals and nutrients that can help balance blood sugar and prevent binge-inducing energy crashes.


The creamy texture, nutty flavor, and monounsaturated, heart-healthy fats of avocados take time to digest and help keep our energy levels consistent. While technically a berry, we usually think of avocados as a vegetable. Whether diced into a bowl or spread over bread, avocados bring flavor, B vitamins, and an energy boost to your breakfast.

Cottage cheese

With protein and calcium benefits similar to yogurt, cottage cheese adds texture and variety, plus A and B vitamins. It’s also a favorite with many athletes.

From parfaits and spreads to pancakes and waffles, cottage cheese is another versatile item you can enjoy, either sweet or savory. You can also find brands with probiotics, which aid in gut health.


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