Top 10 Energy Boosting Foods for Breakfast

After a night of sleeping, we’ve burned through up to 80% of our energy stores. When we wake up, we’re running on empty, so it’s a good idea to refuel with energy boosting foods—not fat-and-sugar laden foods. In fact, eating something nutritious in the morning can rev up your body and mind to prepare you for a busy day. According to Harvard Medical School, an energy-packed breakfast should include lean, healthy protein, whole grains, and fruit, vegetables, or both.

A healthy breakfast doesn’t require tons of prep time or culinary skills. Packed with protein, minerals, vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients, a tasty yet healthy breakfast can fit anyone’s schedule and lifestyle. These 11 energy boosting foods for breakfast can start your day off right—mix and match them to keep your mornings productive.


Fresh fruit such as bananas, berries, apples, oranges, or melons provide a daylong energy boost. Fruit is a perfect package of fiber, natural sugars, antioxidants, vitamins, and other micronutrients. Fruits are often high in fiber, which can help steady blood sugar levels.

Flaxseeds & flax meal

Ground flaxseed is a great addition to breakfast bowls or baked goods. Just two nutty-flavored tablespoons contain the daily recommended value of heart-healthy fats. Word to the wise: grind flax first. The body doesn’t digest whole flax seeds, so either buy pre-ground flax meal or grind it yourself in a spice or coffee grinder.

Nuts & nut butters

With protein, healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamin E, amino acids, and more, nuts are an energy boosting powerhouse. Nuts are good for your body, your memory, and your productivity.


A coconut is about the same size as the human brain, and maybe there’s a reason for that. The medium-chain-triglyceride fats found in coconuts have been linked to heightened brain function and overall improvements in the body’s use of energy during the day.

Coconut is super versatile, too. Add shredded coconut to oatmeal or smoothie bowls for sweetness and crunch. Or use coconut milk in place of dairy milks or other plant milks in smoothies and baked goods.


Versatile and full of protein, eggs are the everything breakfast. They can be a centerpiece (scrambled or boiled), a component (such as baked eggs with veggies), or a wrapper (crepes and omelets). They provide binding, structure, and nutrition in baked goods too. They’re also fast: A scramble or omelet can have you filling up on a solid breakfast in minutes.


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