Top 10 Cruelest Leaders in World History

The World has been in turmoil from the time when people started chasing power and respect by any means possible. Some of them went too far, and their cruelty knew no bounds. Their thirst for power and respect made them do the cruelest things with an iron fist. Being leaders, they inspired millions of people under their regime, but that doesn’t glorify their action of cruelty against those, who didn’t follow them.

Whom do you think is the cruelest leader in World History? Is it Adolf Hitler, who is the sole reason for the Jewish Holocaust? Or, is it war mongers like Joseph Stalin? Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all the cruel leaders in the list, but we will cover the worst of them. Read on to know about the top 10 cruelest leaders in World History, whose atrocities will send a shiver down your spine.

10.Osama Bin Laden


Though not a leader in a common sense, Osama Bin Laden led a group of Islamic Extremists called Al Qaeda. He called himself as the 1ST General of Al-Qaeda. He is also believed to be the inspiration behind ISIS. Born in Riyadh to a wealthy construction magnate, he was an educated Muslim who believed that every Muslim should rise up to Jihad, or the Holy War, and try to create a separate state for all Muslims.

Being with the Mujahidin in the Soviet War, he went on to create Al-Qaeda or “The Base”. His Pan-Islamic thoughts provoked him to attack the Western Civilization whom he thought to be influencing Muslim Lifestyle. Al-Qaeda was involved in the 1998 Embassy Attacks, 2001 World Trade Center attacks and several other attacks spanning all over the globe. According to estimates, he has taken about 10000 innocent lives in the name of Islam.


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