Top 10 Camera Accessories That Will Make You a Better Travel Photography

Remote Shutter

Tripods can make it easier to shoot in low-light situations, but without a remote shutter you still run the risk of motion blur when you press down to take a photo. A remote shutter like this one will allow you to take photos using a remote. Some, like the WU-1a from Nikon, allow you to take the photo with your phone, and will even give you a live preview and the option to download the photo straight from your camera.

Extra Batteries

It doesn’t matter how little time you expect to spend away from your hotel room, you should always keep extra camera batteries with you. Not only will it save you should your batteries die in the middle of the day, it also means less time spent waiting for one battery to charge.

Batteries purchased from the manufacturer can be expensive, so the best place to start your search is on Amazon. Make sure to double check the size and make of your camera’s battery before purchasing, though.

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