The Top 10 Volkswagen Car Models of All-Time

2. 1946 Volkswagen Type 11 “Beetle”

The Volkswagen “Beetle” is one of the greatest automobiles of the twentieth century. It began as the German people’s car, before transcending to a cult classic and an all-time best seller. The Volkswagen, which was originally Dr. Ferdinand Porsche’s idea, inspired unusual enthusiasm and loyalty based on its affordability, adaptability, reliability, and practicality. Its layout was practical and the platform backbone frame simple to construct.

In addition, the rear-mounted engine was paired directly to the trans-axle (thus eliminating the driveshaft) and left substantial room between the wheels. An air-cooled engine replaced the entire water cooling system with pumps, radiators, pipes, and hoses, which was susceptible to freezing in the cold northern winters. The car is incredibly rare to find, especially in the U.S where it was not offered until 1948.

3. 1977 Volkswagen Scirocco

Scirocco, also known as “The Racing Volkswagen,” was an excellent sports car designed specifically for racing. The car was successful in the Scirocco/Bilstein Cup series and category 1 Trans-Am, and was recognized as a very exciting everyday sports car. Its performance on the street was also spectacular, and it played a major role in the company’s transition from air-cooling to water-cooling. Scirocco made its European debut in 1974, replacing Volkswagen’s popular sports car – the Karmann-Ghia.

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