The Best Way To Find The Perfect Running Shoes

The right pair of shoes could change your running life. Here’s how to make sure they’re a perfect match.

The average person takes approximately 2,000 steps in a mile. That is 2,000 initial contacts with the ground, 2,000 shock absorptions and 2,000 propulsions forward. Multiply those steps by the number of miles in a race, or even the miles in a training cycle, and you start to see the need for a good pair of shoes.

What makes a solid pair of shoes is a science, although not totally universal. A shoe that might be perfect for one person may be detrimental for another. In that way, we are all like Cinderella trying to find the perfect slipper. One of the worst things an athlete can do is purchase a pair of shoes based on a recommendation or just by reading a few reviews. When investing in a new pair of shoes, it is important you take the following into consideration: fit, where you will be running, and how various specs will affect your feet.


Poorly fitting shoes can quickly ruin a race or training cycle. Too big and you end up with blisters. Too small, you might get black toenails or cramps. And an ill-fitting arch can lead to plantar fasciitis. As such, the two most important components of proper shoe fit are size and width.


Around 80% of the population has different sized feet. When purchasing shoes, it is important that you fit your larger foot. So, if one foot measures at a size 8 and the other is an 8.5, you need to buy a size 8.5. To help your smaller foot from sloshing about, you can put an extra insert in the shoe, wear a liner sock, or try out a different tying technique.


qually important is width. Just like our feet being different lengths, they are also usually different widths as well. Someone who has been running for a long time might have a collapsing arch, causing one foot to grow wider and shorter. Same as length, it is important to fit the wider foot while making accommodations for the more narrow foot.


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