The 10 Best BMW M Cars – As voted by readers

Back in 2012, we put together an article on the top 10 best BMW M cars of all time. As any ranking or numbered list, the results can be somewhat subjective and won’t sit well with everyone. In the end, we all have our own criteria when it comes to personal preference, and even more true when it comes to our cars.

So we decided to give you, the readers and our loyal supporters, a voice to publish your own thoughts on the best 15 M cars. Scooter Mitchel  has shared with us the following list “as voted by MotorWeek readers and some of the most well versed BMW enthusiasts in the world”.

10. E31 850CSi

We could not leave this off the list despite wanting to. It weighs as much as a tank, but it is the M8 that was never made. The only BMW Motorsport car with a V12. The car looks cool regardless on who you ask.

9. E36/7 M Roadster

The car James Bond should have been driving in GoldenEye. The power of the S54 engine in a compact size. The fact that BMW also made an M Coupe version shows that they are willing to take some risks.

8. F12/13 M6 Gran Coupe


Just a beautiful car, especially the swooping M6 Gran Coupe. This M6 makes a statement: My car is worth more than your house.


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