The 10 Best and Most Useful Apps for the Apple Watch For Runners

Weather: Carrot Weather529

Apple Watch Weather App
This app adds a little bit of humor, but also tells you precise forecasts, rainfall predictions, and complications that put weather updates on your watch face. The design and user interface is very clean and refreshing, but it comes at a small cost!

Transportation: Transit App380

Apple Watch Transit AppIf you want to use your Apple Watch to improve your commute, check out the Transit App. This delightful download helps you track transit times in over 100 cities in North America and Europe. View transit times and maps for buses and subways, find bike sharing locations, discover car sharing options, and even book an Uber car from your smartwatch.

Home Automation: myHome All-in-One Smart Home374

Apple Watch home automation
While some smartwatch home automation apps let you control your security camera40, others your Honeywell thermostat44, or maybe even your Philips Hue lights22, the myHome All-in-One Smart Home Automation app374 lets you control your entire home from your Apple Watch. Features include timing/event triggers, zone setting, and multiple user capabilities.

Skiing / Snowboarding: Slopes App287

Apple Watch Ski snowboard app
If you ski or snowboard, the Apple Watch makes an excellent use case for your next trip. Keep your phone warm and dry in your jacket — control your music through apps such as Soundcloud or Pandora right from your wrist. The slopes app will track each run, your top speed, how much vertical you’ve done and how long you’re spending shredding versus going up lifts.

Productivity: Productive Habit Tracker1.1k

Apple Watch Productivity App
Speaking of productivity, the Productive Habit Tracker app is a must-discover Apple Watch download. This powerful smartwatch productivity app lets you track your activities throughout the day, track previous activity records in an effort to beat your previous records, and schedule events on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

IFTTT: Do Button425

Apple Watch IFTTT app
The Do Button from IFTTT (If This Then That) lets you combine multiple productivity options into one smartwatch app. Control everything from home automation tasks to email and social media tasks from your Apple Watch. Ask questions on Slack, update a Google document, control your oven, or adjust your Nest thermostat from your smart wrist watch.

Multi Tool: Wdgts1.3k

Apple Watch Widget App
For those who like a multi-function productivity smartwatch app, Wdgts is a must-download. Offering a currency converter, calculator, and iPhone stat tracking interface, the Wdgts app also syncs with your iPhone to connect you with a time zone tool, a network monitoring tool, battery monitoring interface, and even a memory tracking tool.


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