How to Take A Stunning Panorama for Mobile Photography


There is a greater range of colors within a landscape panorama. By turning on HDR the whites will be more vibrant as the detail in the darks will show up. Darker areas in the image may appear to be too dark for the image and the subtle detail is lost. It is easy for the clouds and sky to be overexposed without HDR.

Position Your Shot

Before you take the shot notice the location of your image.  Are there objects on the foreground? Is there a tree that may move in the wind? The next step is too,position yourself so that you get mostly the scene and not the foreground and stay away from close objects.  Notice how close objects are in relationship to others.  Also, the image may look distorted if you are inside and one wall is closer than the other walls.

Keep Phone Steady

If you struggle to hold the camera steady and keep the arrow on the line you may have too much shake. Experiment with a tripod or a stabilizer. Therfore, this will reduce camera shake and help you get a steady image. Also, you can use stabilize your phone by making sure your elbows are tucked in and your phone is steady.

Lock Exposure

Lighting and exposure can change due to your phone’s natural ability to alter focus.  Consequently as you move through the image exposure will change making the image darker on one side than the other. When you do the dry run notice what part of the image is overexposed and which part is underexposed. Look for an area that is in the middle and then tap on the lock exposure button to get the correct exposure. The exposure will stay locked while the image is taken and the panorama will have the same exposure throughout the shot.

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