How To Cook Easy Pork Curry Burger

Who said burgers had to be made of beef? These Curried Pork Burgers will change the way you think about burgers.

If you love a good juicy burger now and then, then naturally when you hear the word burger you automatically think beef. It’s only natural that you would, unless you’re a vegetarian or just don’t eat beef.

Have you ever thought about making burgers with pork?

I found this recipe for Curried Pork Burgers in my To-Try Recipe Binder. I’m always looking for different ways to make things, and for some reason, we had never thought about using fresh ground pork for making burgers. I really am surprised that David had never thought of it as much as he loves pork.

Regardless of how this idea came about, these burgers were a welcomed change. I made a phone call to the butcher for a special order of fresh ground pork to ensure the utmost freshest meat possible. I didn’t alter the original recipe much, but found that the whole cabbage leaves were a little tough to bite into. I recommend that you shred the cabbage and possibly mix them into the curried mayo for a better bite experience.

Enjoy a new twist to your next burger by making your next patties with pork. Infused with exotic flavors, these Curried Pork Burgers are bold pork-based burger made with red onion, garlic, Worcestershire and curry powder for extra kick. Here’s how we made them:

Make the Curried Mayonnaise, by mixing the mayonnaise and curry powder in a small bowl; place it in the refrigerator until ready to serve.


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