How to Boost Your Body Image Through Yoga

Eagle Pose is another effective pose for self-love because it’s introspective. Your arms are crossed and lifted in front of your face, so your view is literally blocked and it encourages you to look inward.

To move into Eagle, lower your hips into a semi-squat, lift your bent right leg and wrap it around the left leg. Lift your arms out into a “T,” then stack the left elbow on top of the elbow crease of the right arm. Wrap the forearms to bring your right fingertips into your left palm. On your next exhale, draw the belly in and sink the hips a bit deeper.

Practice releasing any self-deprecating thoughts about your body with each exhale and on each corresponding inhale, replace those thoughts with something you love about your body.

Humble Warrior is another pose that highlights self-reverence is Humble Warrior. From Downward Dog, bring your right foot between your hands and spiral the back heel down so that you are in heel-to-heel alignment. Bend the front knee to a 90-degree angle and lift up your chest and arms to come into Warrior I.

To proceed into Humble Warrior, clasp your hands behind you on the inhale and fold forward on the exhale. Move your right temple toward the inside of your right knee and slowly lift your clasped hands toward the ceiling, stretching the shoulders. Bow the head in gratitude for your body, which offers you a strong foundation, as well as the flexibility to move through life gracefully.


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