Happy Home Gardener: 5 Tips to Care for Houseplants

Watering Your Plants

Plants need water, but too much can kill them. Remember, different plants need different amounts of water and to be watered at different intervals. Some plants might need watering every other day and others may need watering just once a week. Furthermore, your plants’ watering needs can change with the seasons. Most plants will not need as much water during winter. Make sure to adjust your watering to the changing needs of your plants.

You may also want to consider the water you use on your plants. In some cases, tap water might not be good for them. If the water is hard or has high chlorine content, it could damage your plants. As an alternative, you could collect rainwater to use for watering your houseplants.

Give Them Fertilizer

Fertilizer is even more important for houseplants than it is for outdoor plants. Being in a pot indoors, houseplants have no source of nutrients other than the ones you provide them. With that in mind, it’s vital that you buy the right fertilizer for your indoor plants and follow the instructions carefully.

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