Best 8 Stretches You Must Do if You Run

No matter how little you run, you probably don’t do it to destroy your body. And yet lots of people who run skip stretching, the all-time best way to prevent injury, reduce muscle soreness, and help you run more efficiently.

Even if you only clock a couple of miles, you should still stretch before and after running, according to Debora Warner, founder of Mile High Run Club a fitness studio dedicated to running in New York City.

Before you get started, pregame with a two- to three-minute jog, then transition to the active dynamic stretches below, which are designed to both loosen up the joints and continue to warm up the muscles. Perform each for 30 seconds before you move on to the next one. Then get on with your run.

When you’re spent, spare 90 seconds to give your legs some TLC and prevent annoying muscle soreness. (You’re welcome.)

Do These Before You Run:

1. Marchers

How to do them: Stand up straight with your feet hips-width apart and your feet facing forward. Extend your left leg straight out in front of you as you reach toward your left toes with your right arm and extend your left arm out behind you. Release your left leg to the floor, then extend your right leg out in front of you, reaching toward the toes with your left arm and extending your right arm out behind you. Continue to alternate legs and reach with the opposite arm.

Where you’ll feel it: Your back, abs, butt, and hamstrings.

2. Jumping Jacks

How to do them: Stand up straight with your feet together and your arms at your sides. From this position, hop your feet out to the sides as you open your arms out to the sides and bring them together overhead. Jump back to starting position and drop your arms to complete one rep.

Where you’ll feel it: Your back, shoulders, and legs.

3. Star Stretch

How to do them: Take a wide stance with both feet pointed forward and your arms extended in an overhead “V.” Without dropping your left arm, bend from the waist to bring your right fingertips to your left toes. (If that’s not happening, just try to get as close as you can.) Come back up to starting position. Without dropping your right hand, use your left hand to reach down toward the right toes. Come back to starting position to complete one rep and continue to alternate sides.

Where you’ll feel it: Your shoulders, back, and hamstrings.


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