Best 8 Sites for Quality HTML Coding Examples

The very first thing to learn when studying web development is how to code with HTML. More importantly, being able to code in HTML5 using all the latest techniques.

Everything you see on a website is built with HTML and CSS (with some JavaScript sprinkled in). There is a lot to learn, so what are the best resources to get started?

There are some awesome websites that offer well-designed HTML coding examples and tutorials that can show you the most effective ways to code.

Here are eight sites that offer good HTML code examples and help you become an HTML expert.

1. HTML Dog

HTML Dog has an offering of tutorials, techniques, references, and examples of HTML code. They also offer CSS and JavaScript, which is an added bonus if you’re a web developer. HTML Dog uses HTML5 so you’re getting up to date information.

Their HTML examples cover all kinds of syntax with demonstrations for each.

Clicking on any of the elements will open an interactive coding page. HTML Dog provides examples in code boxes that you can copy and paste into your own HTML code. It’s a good way to merge learning and working.

You can see the live HTML output of the sample code on the pane on the right. It’s a neat sandbox to play around with all kinds of code.

2. W3Schools

W3Schools is widely regarded as a top resource for web developers, boasting coding examples, from PHP to JavaScript (what is JavaScript?) You’ll also find a section with basic HTML coding examples.

What Is JavaScript and How Does It Work?If you’re learning web development, here’s what you need to know about JavaScript and how it works with HTML and CSS.

Just like HTML Dog, they’ve incorporated a split-screen tool to try coding in. You can test out the HTML you learn in each lesson and experiment with different pieces of code. Code your HTML, click Run, and you’ll see how the code would look on a real HTML page.


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