Best 8 Classic Electric Cars To Collect Before Someone Else Does

General Motors EV1

It’s not like all of General Motors’ revolutionary coupes were crushed like cockroaches at an exterminator’s boot. There are several still kicking around, and I wouldn’t put it past someone to take a “deactivated” EV-1 and eventually update it with the latest electric car tech. Volt…Bolt…I guess there’s room for a Jolt, no?

Volkswagen Golf and Jetta citySTROMer

For the cool factor, get the Golf. If you want practicality, the Jetta at best would do 155 miles on a charge. That figure was set in the late ’80s, however, so figure on a new set of batteries before you send it off with your kid for college.

On some models, VW was thoughtful enough to include an effective cabin heater…that ran on diesel fuel. Fiat did an ‘Elettra’ Panda, too.

Commuter Cars Tango

It’d do 60 mph in little more than 3 seconds, and owners included George Clooney and the co-founders of Google. Pretty much un-tippable, too, with a range of more than 150 miles on lithium ion batteries. The first was sold more than 10 years ago, and there are said to be fewer than 20 extant.

Anyone brave enough to do some lane splitting?

Zagato Zele

While the cheese wedge-shaped CitiCar was rightfully something to stare at with confusion, not all electric microcars are terrible-looking.

Everyone’s favorite love-or-hate styling house Zagato actually put its own honest-to-goodness electric city car into production in the ’70s. There were roughly 500 made, and sadly, it’s a slow city car with a range of (at most) 50 miles. Intrepid car hunters will note that it was sold in the U.S., too: set your web searches for the “Elcar”.

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