Best 6 JavaScript Frameworks Worth Learning

2. React.js

React is a component-based JavaScript library created in 2011 by Jordan Walke, a developer at Facebook. Although its documentation says it’s a library, a lot of users of React argue that it’s a framework since it independently supports full front-end applications.

React simplifies complex tasks by treating each section of a webpage separately. One of React’s library features is that you can decide to apply it to a specific element in a DOM without affecting how others work. However, since React is scalable, you can also use it to build the whole website.

So, the fact that you can use small parts of React in your app components means you can use it as a library. But, you can also use it as a framework when your whole app depends on it for responsiveness.

React is one of the most-used JavaScript frameworks. It also powers popular websites and mobile apps like Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, Discord, and Skype, among others. Like Vue, React has great docs to get you started. It’s beginner-friendly once you know the basics of JavaScript.

React has two technologies: Reactjs and React Native. Although these two technologies have little differences, using React Native is easy once you’re a master of Reactjs. However, React Native comes in handy for building mobile apps

To get a better hold of React, you can check out its documentation at

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