Best 4 Fun Running Workouts That Will Put a Smile on Your Face

Running is often considered a boring sport. But that’s only because non-runners don’t know how to have any fun!

Running can be enormously exciting – if you challenge yourself.

There are so many opportunities to spice up your training:

  • Tired of the roads? Trail running is more fun, serene, and exciting
  • Want to challenge yourself? Run track workouts for a more controlled environment
  • Bored? Vary your shoes, workouts, goals, and training surfaces

There are nearly countless ways to make running more fun.

But today let’s focus on one that every runner can implement this week: the type of faster workouts that you run.

Over my nearly 20 years of running, I’ve encountered more types of workouts than I can really count. Everything from workouts on the track, trail, road, and hills to sessions that focus on aerobic development, 5k-specific fitness, or maximal velocity.

Depending on your goal, there are a wide variety of workouts to help you build your fitness.

I’ve previously touched on some of these fundamental workouts:

  • Hill workouts
  • Long Runs
  • Tempo workouts
  • Hill Sprints

We’re doing something different today: we’re focusing on fun workouts (yes, there exists such a thing!).

Fun Runs, With or Without a Group

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” – Proverb

You can’t train seriously every day of the year. Even elite athletes take extended periods off from running or hack around doing fun workouts.

When you just can’t bring yourself to get on the track or you need a break from the structure of an interval, hill, or tempo workout then try something fun.

These workouts are less structured, based more on “feel” and some don’t even include any fast running. They are meant to rejuvenate your body, stimulate your mind, and give your body a break from the rigors of serious training.

You’re going to need a partner for most of these workouts. Running with a group, especially when you’re not being competitive, is a fun way to enjoy your training and add a much-needed social element to running.

Enjoy yourself. Smile. Have some fun.


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