Best 4 Free Tools to Analyse Your Social Media Competitors

Do you want to improve your social media marketing?

Have you looked at how your competitors are using social?

There are tools to help you determine what’s working for you and your competitors, what isn’t working and why.

In this article you’ll discover four free tools to compare your social media presence with your competitors’.

4 free tools to analyze competitors on social media

Discover four free tools to analyze your social media competitors.

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#1: Do a Side-by-Side Comparison

Fanpage Karma will analyze your and your competitors’ accounts across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. However, its most robust and useful features fall within the Facebook realm.

The free plan offers a detailed, 90-day analysis for one page and a comparative dashboard for any number of competitors. The free plan will also send you weekly reports and alerts if you so choose.

sme fan page karma comparative engagement

Compare your social profiles with those of your competitors.

The free comparative analytics cover engagement, growth, most-used content sources and keywords, top posts, frequency, engagement by day and time, post type and supporters, among other metrics.

sme fan page karma top content

Get detailed content metrics, including top pics and videos.

The detailed analytics tack on keyword and content source engagement (via a color-coded word cloud), post length, success by post type, influencers, post history and more.

sme fan page karma detailed analytics

View the most frequently used words, hashtags and sources.

You have to use the premium version to access analytics for other social networks, or for more robust analytics and exportable Excel and PowerPoint reports. These plans start at around $75 per month.

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The interface is unique in that it instantly displays comparative charts and graphs, allowing you to quickly and visually assess your page‘s strengths and weaknesses. Then dig deeper into the content types, timing and keyword tools to understand the why behind the data, and adjust your strategy accordingly.


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