Best 10 Tips to Get Motivated for a Run

Some days, mustering the will to go for a run can be tough, even for experienced runners.

Maybe your legs ache, maybe you have a jam-packed day, or maybe it’s raining; whatever the case, sometimes your desire to stay in overpowers your will to run.

And that’s normal!

Running motivation comes and goes, but the good news is there are plenty of easy, practical ways to renew your excitement for running and get fired up — you just have to find what works for you.

Not sure how to get motivated to run?

Try these 10 strategies the next time you need a motivational kick.

Woman tying running shoes

1. Identify Your Reason for Running

If you don’t know why you’re running, it’s hard to stay motivated.

If you feel your passion waning, ask yourself why you started running in the first place, says Martise Moore, a running coach and the founder of

Maybe you wanted to improve your stamina, clear your mind, run for a specific cause, or just try something new.

“Write down all the reasons and stick them up by the front door. Now, your next run will be bigger than your excuses,” Moore says.

You can also motivate yourself to run by thinking about how you’ll feel after your run.

“Before I run, I always remember how amazing I’ll feel after, how my mood and creativity improves, and how connected I feel with my body, mind, and nature,” says Idalis Velazquez, Beachbody’s 30 Day Breakaway program creator and a former elite and D1 track and field athlete. “These benefits always keep me coming back for more,” she says.


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