Best 10 Tips for Staying Healthy

To rehabilitate our bodies from chronic dehydration, he recommends 2-3 liters of water a day, structured with a little bit of real salt. Not the white iodized table salt we otherwise know as sodium chloride, but the highly mineralized natural salts like grey Celtic salts or pink crystal Himalayan salt, which he calls the Queen of all Salts. To learn more, check out his work with water cures.

2. Connect with Nature

Too many of us live indoors and this seems to be a part of living in a modern age. We become so accustomed to being inside any number of four walled locations that we miss out on feeling connected to nature, the weather, or where our food comes from. Lack of time in the sun means you’re not getting your Vitamin D, which is necessary for many, many important functions in the body, including constructing all of our hormones. Being cloistered indoors leads to feelings of depression and stress. Meanwhile, a walk on the beach, or in the mountains, or in the woods, provides a plethora of negative ions that balance our circadian rhythms, slows our heart rate appropriately, and creates a sense of peace and well being in the body. Take a picnic lunch. Go for a hike on the weekend. Make it a priority to reconnect with the greater world beyond the one humans have made. It will increase your awareness of our interconnectedness and belonging to the Earth. It gets you in touch with some very nourishing, if unexpected, superfoods.

3. Eat Your Vegetables

Did you know that a traditional Japanese diet today consists of some 11-15 servings of vegetables? Meanwhile, our USDA food pyramid recommends a paltry 3-5. Knowing that there’s a multitude of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients available in these rainbow colored foods should be all we need to hear to get us on the veggie bandwagon, but sadly, so many of us just don’t eat them.

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