Best 10 Outdoor Adventures In The East To Add To Your Bucket List

I scoured my experiences and the web for 10 exciting examples of my favorite outdoor adventures, plus a few I haven’t tried yet. I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions as well, so don’t be shy about commenting below!

1. Raft the Chattooga River, Georgia

Remember the movie Deliverance? This is where it was filmed. Designated a Wild and Scenic River, rafting the Chattooga feels like stepping back in time. No buildings, cars, or shops, just pulse pounding rapids, cliffs and a whole lot of fun.

I’ve rafted, kayaked, and backpacked my way down the Chattooga and it’s easily one of my favorite spots in the East. After paddling with Southeastern Expeditions four times, I can solidly recommend their services.

2. Mountain Bike the Bomb Dog, Alabama

This new professionally designed flow trail delivers an undulating ride with views and optional lines that will get your heart pounding. “The Bomb Dog Loop might just be your favorite new ride. Part of the new developing trail system at Coldwater Mountain, this loop includes some of the newest technology in singletrack trails,” states the (IMBA) MTBProject.


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