Best 10 Healthiest Foods to Add to Your Grocery List This Year

5. Avocados

The fruit — yes, fruit! — is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, the good type of fat that’s been associated with reducing the risk of heart disease. Another heart-healthy benefit? Potassium, which can help stabilize blood pressure. And because many of the vitamins we eat (vitamins A, E, D, and K) need a little fat for absorption, avocados are a great addition to salads and sautés. On top of all of that, avocados are loaded with fiber and can help keep us fuller, longer.

But eat them with caution: Due to their fat content, avocados are a high-calorie food. An easy way to get the health benefits of them without busting your calorie intake is to swap avocado for mayo in sandwiches, which will give you flavor and a health boost.

6. Cauliflower

Low in calories but high in fiber, cauliflower is a veggie source of omega-3 fatty acids. It provides us with additional vitamin K, which is necessary for blood clotting and bone-mineral density. But what makes cauliflower a true all-star is that they’ve been touted for their anti-cancer benefits.

7. Chocolate

It has been linked to a whole host of benefits to mood, learning, cognition, and memory due to their antioxidant powers. Even better: Research says that regular intake of chocolate can help lower Body Mass Index (BMI). Indulge in a one-ounce portion (that’s about 150 calories) to satisfy your sweet tooth without busting your diet.

8. Oranges

It’s no secret that oranges are chock-full of immune-boosting vitamin C. But did you know that citrus fruits have the highest content of folate than any other fruit? This B-vitamin is important for protecting pregnant against defects in infants, as well as reducing the risk of a whole host of chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and psych disorders.

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