Best 10 Genius Tricks To Improve Your Running Stamina

4 Get The Right Gear

You don’t need to be decked out in all the latest trendy workout outfits, but make sure you have the right staples, including shoes and other clothing that will keep you safe and comfortable. “Choosing the right shoes to run is critical to success,” says personal trainer Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, HFS, Master CTT over email. “There are so many different types and brands to choose, so go to a running store and ask a shoe sales professional. That way you can get advice and a running shoe that will overcome any natural defects in your foot alignment.”

5 Focus On Your Breathing

Focusing on your breathing is not just for yoga — it can help with running too. “Changing the way you breathe during running can reduce stress, boost your energy and increase your endurance,” says Vidulich. “When running get hard, most people forget to breathe or increase their breathing speed. If you’re running faster, you need to breathe faster. Holding your breath will force the energy in your cells plunges, and you feel fatigued during your workout sooner than you should.”

6 Make Sure To Cross Train

Many runners tend to just run, but cross training will help improve your fitness all around. “Swim, cycle, or get on a stepper,” says fitness expert Fitz Koehler, M.S.E.S.S over email. “Do other things that make you huff and puff and take you out of your comfort zone, while giving your bones and joints a break from the impact of running. Not only will it enhance your cardio-respiratory capacity, it will help prevent overuse injuries.”

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