8 Runners on Why Fall is Their Favorite Running Season

Fall has long been the favorite season for runners across the globe. But what is it about autumn that’s so special for newbies and pros alike? The weather is part of it, but it comes down to more than a temperate climate alone.

Here, running coaches and devoted runners share why, for them, fall tops all other seasons for logging miles.


“I love running in the fall because of the cool temperatures,” says Todd Buckingham, PhD, an exercise physiologist at Buckingham Fitness and a record-setting triathlete. “After running in 90-degree heat with 90% humidity, those runs on 60° mornings make me feel invincible. I can run faster with less effort, and I don’t end up drenched in sweat when I finish! The cool crisp air, the musky-sweet smell of fall, and the crunch of leaves under my feet … it’s just so peaceful.”


“September and October are my all-time favorite times to run personally, and to get my clients more engaged in their practice, too,” says Jonathan Jordan, a San Francisco-based personal trainer and running coach. “This is for a few reasons. One, there is an amazing lull in work around this time of year as folks prepare for the holidays. Folks naturally find it a little easier to find time to commit to a program and therefore see more results. And it’s a natural stress relief for all the crazy stresses of family, money and holiday drama.”


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