8 Best International Hockey Teams

2.  Russia

there great and probably very mad at tsn camera after the 2020 iihf tourney eh

Russia/Soviet is the greatest hockey team of all time. The Big Red Machine.

Finally back with Olympic gold after all these years! Go Russia

Not everyone can resist a red car. Russia is quite strong (from France with love)

3.  India

India you are playing nice and I know you will come at the 1 place

India has won 8 hockey gold medal in olympics.

Be on the top India we are with you

India is a great team. I love India…

4.  United States

America’s hockey team is awesome Canada and Russia/Soviet union are definitely the best with Finland good to Canada you only won in 2010 because it was in Canada America may not have won as many as you but we almost always have had a gold silver or bronze medal besides we are all good it is a good sport and getting better can not wait until next winter Olympics oh and not all Americans are fat just some being an American makes me believe that the miracle on ice was amazing with the Finnish beating Canada for their first gold medal anyway everybody is good Go USA.

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