6 Interior Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

  • Your budget. While you can’t know the exact cost of your redesign without first getting an estimate, it will be helpful to get a handle on how much you want and are able to spend.

Thinking about the above three points is an excellent place to begin your bedroom remodeling plans. It will certainly help you identify which of the newest bedroom trends will be a good fit for your space.

Bedroom Design Trends You’ll Love

Are you ready to dive into the bedroom design trends we expect? There are a range of exciting new ideas we’ll start to see in the bedroom and all throughout the home, but the following six trends are our personal favorites:

Moodier Palettes

Pantone recently released its color of the year. Any guesses on what it was?

The winner was “Ultra Violet,” or more specifically, Pantone 18-3838. This bold shade is said to be invigorating yet cozy. It will set the tone for many of the color choices of 2018, including in the bedroom.

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