10 Unconventional Tips for Mastering Landscape Photography

You can easily access tips on any genre of photography out there. When it comes to nature though, there are no rules. In light of this is a selection of expert tips but with an unconventional twist to embrace the calls of the wild.

Tip #1: Get your exploring boots on (and come prepared)

You’re out on a quest to document the wonders of nature and wilderness, equip yourself before you head out the door – you’re going to be doing some major exploring. Although this is the time to be spontaneous and explore, do learn about your location before you get there. Be attentive, stay curious but don’t venture too far out! If you do enough preparation beforehand, your shooting process will be much more efficient.

If you don’t like surprises or wandering around aimlessly, use Google Maps for location scouting. You can also figure out when the sun sets and rises to catch the Golden Hour, but more on that later.

tips for better landscape photography

Tip #2: Wide angle lens? Scratch that.

You will read about this in just about any article about landscape photography tips. Don’t comply with rules, make your own. Most landscape photographers will shoot a majority of their photographs using a wide-angle lens but you should take this opportunity and bring a longer lens for capturing details in the distance or maybe even a lens for some close ups.

A wide angle lens can sometimes distort a part of the image. A telephoto lens will help you capture the perspective in a more natural way. Consider all your options and never stick to just a wide angle lens.

landscape photography tips

Tip #3: Go HDR free

You will get to work your magic in the post processing stage so choose your format wisely. HDR is one option but there are so many other tricks you can implement to make your photographs stand out. HDR doesn’t really give you the natural coloration or depiction of details. Concentrate your attention on other things that matter and shoot in RAW.


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