10 Tips & Tricks To Shoot Amazing Landscape Photography

Learn how to take creative and incredible shots of land & nature.

How many times have you stopped to take a photo of a beautiful landscape – an incredible coastal seascape, mountains in the distance or a field of sunflowers – only to find that what caught your eye is not at all what shows up in the photograph?

Shooting landscapes can be tricky. Here are 10 tips & tricks that will inspire you to get creative and take incredible shots of land & nature.Be sure to check out the albums Landscape, Nature or Landscape_Collection to get inspired.

1. Check out different angles

Although a certain angle might initially catch your eye, it’s important to walk around a bit to see the landscape from different perspectives. Dare to shoot from an unusual perspective and you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve.


2. Isolate the elements that catch your eye

Rather than trying to capture the entire breathtaking view in front of you, isolate the elements that are visually intriguing to bring depth to the image and complement the landscape.


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