10 Tips For Budding Travel Photographers

4. Focus on the subject, not the gear.

Although my previous tips have been about gear, there are many photographers that take gorgeous pictures just only a phone (the Samsung Galaxy S8 gets the best reviews for photography) demonstrating that equipment is not the main priority in photography. Capturing genuine emotion in my pictures is what makes me feel satisfied with my art. These moments often happen in a split-second, and the last thing I want to think about is which lens I should be using.

5. Take lots of leisurely walks.

Unless you want to capture something specific like a mountain during sunrise, I find it great to just walk around the town for an hour or two and photograph whatever presents itself along my path. The most spontaneous things are usually the greatest captures — you never know what will happen,  and that is definitely part of the fun of the photography.

6. See with your eyes, not just your camera.

Experience life without a lens. I usually take my camera with me every other day; sometimes it’s just nice to walk around and do things without having to focus on finding the right composition or worrying about my equipment. Although it can feel like you will miss out on great events to capture, there will always be more opportunities for amazing photos.

Capturing the joy of travel

Remember to focus on your experiences—not just your photography.

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