10 Tips For Budding Travel Photographers

Photography plays a significant role in my travels. Below, I’ve compiled a list of insights that have helped me improve my photography on the road over the past two months…

1. Travel light.

After a long day of hiking in daily temperatures reaching 35 degrees, you will find yourself sweating and exhausted, and I can assure you that 10 extra kilos of gear will not improve your mood. You will save yourself a lot of trouble by taking only necessary gear, rather than an entire portable studio.

Tips for travel photography

2. Bring a mirrorless camera instead of a DSLR.

Consider going for a smaller option than a regular DSLR camera. Many people want to buy DSLR’s because of their high quality. However, with a decent mirrorless camera, you can still create awesome pictures with the ability to change lenses. I packed a Sony a7 Full-Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera and I love it; it is half the size of a decent DSLR and the picture quality is absolutely great!

3. Don’t pack too many lenses.

I often find myself using the same lenses anyway, as it takes too much time to change a lens when something interesting is happening. I carry around two lenses most of the time: 28-70mm and 70-200mm.. The 28-70mm lens is great to capture landscapes and architecture because of its wide-angle view. The 70-200mm lens is perfect for portraits because you can stand quite far from the subject and still zoom in to capture detail. So far, the combination of these two lenses has proven to be more than adequate — any more lenses would only increase the weight of my backpack and decrease my comfort.


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