10 Things You Should Never Say About Your Body, According to Therapists

“I just want to lose five more pounds.”

Woman stepping onto a scale to weigh herself

When you focus on the scale instead of on how you feel, you “forget to honor and respect your body for how it helps you live a life you enjoy right now,” says associate marriage and family therapist┬áSummer Forlenza. If you want to set goals for yourself, she says you should “focus attention on health-promoting behaviors instead of weight loss” to “develop a much healthier mindset.”

“I’m so fat!”

Man grabbing his stomach fat

If you’re using the F word to refer to your body in a negative way, it’s time to eliminate it from your vocabulary. “Since ‘fat’ has such a negative connotation in our society, it now means things such as lazy, ugly, unintelligent, etc. So, if you’re calling yourself ‘fat’ [in a negative way], you’re also calling yourself these other negative things,” explains clinical psychologist Kimberly Daniels, PsyD. “This is extremely damaging to your self-esteem. It translates to, ‘I’m not good enough. I need to be different than I am.'”

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