10 Things This Beginner Learned About Landscape Photography

1. Just go for it

For years, I wanted to try my hand at landscape photography, but I always made some kind of excuse like, “What if someone needs me to shoot while I’m gone?” I finally put all that aside and travelled for two and a half weeks, with my family, and took the landscape pictures I’d always dreamed of!

2. Get your driving times right

I was told to get from the Grand Canyon to Horseshoe Bend, it would take me a couple of hours. Two hours down the road, Google maps told me I still had another hour and I missed the sunrise! This happened again when we tried to make it to “Forrest Gump Point” on a whim one evening and missed the sunset by 30 minutes. We came back a week later and redeemed ourselves, though that’s a whole ‘nother story!

The first time, we missed this shot.

The first time, we missed this shot.

3. Don’t buy crappy ND filters

I bought a cheap 3 pack of neutral density filters from Amazon and thought they would be fine for my first landscape photography trip. WRONG! Placing three ND filters on top of each other is stupid. You add unnecessary layers of glass, you lose the sharpness of your photos, and the color get crazy hard to correct in post. If you’re serious about landscape photography, get some high quality ND filters!


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