10 Stunning Modern Home Exterior Designs That Have Awesome Facades

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  • Visualizer: Yura Savitskyi

We’ve all dreamed of a modern log cabin from time to time. This paned wooden exterior runs its grooves smooth on the roof and perpendicular in its body, as it opens up its windows to a forest of pine.

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  • Visualizer: Phil Ryan

Sexy and sophisticated, this array of disjointed levels knows how to glow when the sun begins to set. A tall column of beige brick meets slatted wood panels in a plaster frame, letting light into common areas and giving privacy in areas where we like to hide.

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  • Visualizer: Artem Trigubchak

Sculpt your exterior garden with a few placed rocks. This modern building, resplendent with a tall concrete column, slatted wall of blinds and vertical glass panes matches its grey to a rock entrance and stairway.

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