10 Best Place For Hiking In Canadian

Bonshaw Trials

If you’re looking stomp new ground, Bonshaw’s trail is the place to go. Recently expanded to run through 25 kilometres of beautiful woodland, Bonshaw Hills provides a long, winding trip through the wilderness. Whether that journey’s done on foot, bike – or even horse – is up to you!

Bonshaw boasts trails for all fitness levels, from those looking for a leisurely walk, to the experienced explorers hoping for a steep, twisting hike that will push them to their limit. The trail has some side loops like Witch’s Way and Merry-Go-Round for shorter treks, while the main Ji’ka’we’katik Trail stretches all the way between Bonshaw Hills and Strathgartney Provincial Parks. And no need to backtrack for lunch – there are picnic facilities at either end of the Ji’ka’we’katik, so you can sit and take a breather if need be.

If you decide to bring your family, don’t worry about having to leave anyone behind. Pets are permitted in Bonshaw Hills if kept on leashes, and, if the trails prove daunting for the young ones, there’s a natural adventure playground at the entrance to the park. It comes complete with climbing equipment, balancing ropes, swings, and a slide, so you may not even make it to the trails!

West Coast Trail, British Columbia

View of the water along the west coast trail in British Columbia

Image provided directly from West Coast Trail -client camping

Fully enjoy the variety of the Canadian landscape on the West Coast Trail, arguably Canada’s most famous hiking trail. But it is reserved for the more experienced backpackers. Make sure you have the right backpack for this 74 km hike as an overnight stay is usually necessary. Located on the edge of Vancouver Island, this walk guides you through rain forest, coves and beaches and has incredible views of the Pacific Ocean. If you are a skilled hiker heading to Canada for the full trekking experience, reserve a spot on this trail early as there is a quota system that limits the number of people who can be hiking it at once.

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