10 Best Photography Tips and Techniques for Perfect Photos

TIP 3: Focus, Lock, Then Recompose

All Nikon cameras have the ability to lock focus on a subject. To use: frame your image, focus on your subject, then press the shutter release half way down and hold it there. Now you may reframe your shot (reposition your camera) to create a more interesting composition while preserving focus on your subject (provided that subject has not moved).

photo of rope on a piling with docks in the background

Focusing and recomposing can be a quick way to get the focus and composition that you want. In this example the focus is on the rope, through a quick recomposition after focus lock, the photographer was able to get a more pleasing photo.

photo of a flamingo with its head in the water, and a grid showing rule of thirds overlay on the photo.

TIP 4: A One and a Two and a Rule of Thirds

Do a little test: pick a stationary subject that’s set against a clean background. While looking through the viewfinder, mentally divide your framed scene into thirds, or take advantage of the camera’s vertical and horizontal compositional gridlines. Take your first photo by placing your subject dead center.

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