10 Best Photography Tips and Techniques for Perfect Photos

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a high-end DSLR photographer. These top 10 photo tips are timeless, tried and true—from framing to focus, from perspective to panning.

TIP 1: Get Closer

Get closer and fill the frame with your subject right off the bat.

side by side photos of a woman, showing a portrait will little clutter in the background (right) vs. a more cluttered background (left)

As you can see in this example by getting closer to your subject (right) you can eliminate cluttered backgrounds and give more emphasis to the subject for a better portrait.

Is what’s in the background truly adding to your photo? In some instances what’s behind or aside your main subject may help tell the story—a travel location, hanging with a gang of friends—but when it’s not, cut it out! Take a step closer or use the zoom lens. Hone in on the details, expressions and textures that make your subject special.

TIP 2: What Lurks in the Back(ground)

Distracting lines, too much clutter, reflections, objects coming out of your subject’s head—any of these can turn a great photo into one that’s not so great, or one that may require retouching. Before you press the shutter, scan all areas of the frame. Spy something you do not want? Reposition yourself, or the subject, until you get an even better frame-up.

photo of a family, backlit

When capturing a photo, always be aware of the background to make sure you don’t have objects that detract from your subject, such as a tree sticking out from your subject’s head.

Ever tried this—if you normally frame your subject by looking through the viewfinder, consider making a quick check by dialing up Live View. A glance at this larger display shows exactly what your photo will look like once the shutter is pressed. Sometimes just moving your eye away from the camera to look at the LCD view gives a fresh and more objective glance.


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