10 Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas

3. Save Time & Energy with Powerful Appliances

Woman looking into a glass door fridge

It’s easy to take them for granted! Don’t wait until old appliances start to show their wear and tear before shopping for replacements.

ENERGY STAR® certified major appliances — such as refrigerators and dishwashers — offer annual savings for your electricity bill. Popular for eco-conscious consumers, they are also environmentally-friendly.

From black stainless steel finishes to built-in installations, start digging and do your research. You’ll find appliances with special features and technology that offer the best fit for your lifestyle.

4. Make a Splash with Sink & Faucet Upgrades

Apron sink with touch faucet

Avoid common DIY installation mistakes for kitchen sink and faucet upgrades. Purchase your faucet first before you buy a kitchen sink to match the appropriate number of holes. Likewise, when shopping for your faucet, consider what kind of sink you need.

For example, growing families may opt for a deep apron sink for bathing a baby. Hands-free faucets accommodate all physical abilities, while pull-down faucets offer control and flexibility for filling large pots.

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