10 Best Daily Workouts To Keep You Fit & Healthy

6. Push-ups

These are one of the oldest and most standard forms of exercises to stay fit and maintain a well-toned body. Push-ups especially work wonders on your upper body.

7. Squats

Apart from helping tone your body, squats contribute to improving your other body functions like blood circulation and digestion. They also help build and tone your muscles.

8. Lunges

These are the best form of exercise if you want to lose weight around your thighs. Lunges also help strengthen your calves, ankles, and hamstrings.

9. Walkouts

These involve full body movement and help strengthen your arm and leg muscles, and the entire core.

10. Hip Bridges

Apart from helping develop your muscles, this exercise helps reduce lower back pain. Hip bridges also make you swifter and more active.

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