10 Best Bike Brands In The World | List of Bikes And Popular Bicycles Brands

Bicycles are the most used vehicles in the world and up to date, many still want to ride them. In addition to being the most widely used, they are also the easiest to use and are relatively cheap when compared to other types of vehicles. Bikes can be used as a means of transport, for leisure tours as well as for exercises to keep the river healthy.

From sea to summit, bicycles come in many models depending on their intended use. Whatever your cycling dream may be, there are plenty of choices out there.

These are  10 Best Bikes Brands in the World Right Now:

10. Merida

Merida bikes

The Taiwan-based bicycle company Merida is one of the global players in this industry with a long history of making beautiful, high quality bikes. Founded back in 1972 by Ike Tseng, Merida established itself as an independent bike brand in 1988. The name comes from a rough translation of the three syllables “Me-Ri-Da” which represent the company’s intention of manufacturing only good-looking, high quality bikes that can get anybody to their destination as pleasantly as possible.

9. Trek

Trek bikes

Another big name in the industry right now is Trek, a bike company with a rich heritage based in Waterloo, Wisconsin. We’re sure you’ve seen their bikes everywhere. Trek Bicycle was born out of a dream of making great bikes in the United States of the 70’s. The name was chosen after a deep debate over a few beers, leading the mind to images of freedom and adventure. The company was born in a barn in 1976 and it produces high-performance bikes ever since, contributing to a better world. A better world on two wheels.

Today, the Trek Bicycle Corporation is comprised of several brands, such as Electra Bicycle Company, LeMond Racing Cycles, Diamant Bikes and a few others, and by 2013 it had a revenue of $900 million.


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