10 Best Beginner Projects for New Programmers

There are so many things to wrap your mind around when you’re just starting out programming. If you’re not mastering PHP, you’re learning Python. If it’s not a programming language, it’s a new web framework.

You’ve got to start somewhere. When there’s so much to learn, where should you begin? The best way to sharpen your programming skills is by applying your knowledge to build coding projects.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re getting back into coding, here are the best programming projects to build your confidence and make you a better developer.

Beginner Programming Projects

If you’re an absolute beginner, you’ll want to know the basics of two web markup languages: HTML and CSS.¬†Understanding the basics of HTML code¬†is the first thing you need to know about creating web apps.

HTML is the backbone of every webpage. If you’re a beginner, let us walk you through the basic steps to understanding HTML.

If you’re comfortable with the basics, you can venture out and create projects. The best projects end up being crash courses in coding themselves. They push the boundaries of what you already know and give you a practical exercise in whichever language you choose.

These projects are simple, even if they’re not easy to make at first. You will walk away from with two things: a portfolio piece you can use to prove your ability and a better understanding of how powerful programming can be.

Some of these examples will use different languages like Java or JavaScript, but you can make them in any language you feel comfortable in.

Let’s dive into some practical projects!

1. Make Your Own Chess Game

Building a chess game is a great way to take a classic game you may already know and turn it into a program. Chess makes for a fantastic starter piece—pun intended—towards a programming career.

You’ll start by mapping out your board and your pieces. Then, you’ll go on to giving specific movements for your pieces. You’ll be forced to think of chess as a programmer, trying to turn concepts into algorithms a computer can understand. Check out the video to begin learning how to create your very own chess program in Java (and how to modify it to create your version).


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