10 Best Apple Watch News Apps

With your Apple Watch sitting right on your wrist, you can comfortably scan through news and find out what’s trending all over the world. Technically, that’s much easier than digging your pocket to take out iPhone and then peeping into the hot stories, isn’t it? That’s why; I thought you would love to have a quick glance at this premium list of the best Apple Watch news apps.

What makes these top Apple Watch news apps pretty special is that they keep you updated with ease. You can perfectly customize them to suit your needs better. With the custom alerts, you will remain updated about things that you like to keep a tab on.

1. CNN

CNN Apple Watch News App Screenshot

Any list of top news apps would be incomplete without CNN! With correspondents and bureaus reporting from all around the world, it provides most reliable news. You can also watch CNN live on your device. Using custom alert settings, you will easily remain updated with the news that interest you.

Browse through in-depth stories, photo galleries, and news clips. Moreover, it also entertains you with special CNN series and award-winning films.


USA TODAY Apple Watch News App Screenshot

To keep the hottest news from the US and around the world right on your fingertip, “USA TODAY” is more than capable to live up to the demand. The best part about this app is the neat interface and the fully personalized news feed. That means you won’t have to travel much to find the stories you like reading.

Courtesy the ever-reliable news alerts, the app doesn’t let any story go out of your notice. Besides, you can upgrade to the premium version of USA TODAY ($2.99/monthly” to use it without ads.


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