10 Best A Guide to Cameras for Landscape Photography

Image Stabilization

Seen in both camera bodies and lenses, image stabilization is a feature that is seldom used for landscape shooting due to the omnipresence of tripods, in many instances. However, for the times when handheld shooting is a must, or preferred, image stabilization can be beneficial since it permits working with slower shutter speeds—and, subsequently, smaller apertures for increased depth of field.

Mirror Up and Vibration Reduction Functions

An oft-used function to better ensure sharp imagery when working with long exposure times, a mirror up setting is a necessity for landscape shooting. Additionally, many cameras now incorporate electronic front curtain mechanisms or other vibration reduction technologies to lessen shutter shock for sharper results.

ISO Sensitivity

Converse to the end of the sensitivity range most people look at when camera shopping, for landscape shooting a low minimum ISO value can be a boon for shooting in bright outdoor conditions with smaller aperture values without having to resort to neutral density filters. While typically not a make-or-break spec on a camera, sensitivities of ISO 100 or lower can certainly aid a landscape photographer’s process.

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