Wedding & Portrait Photography With Elephants – Loving The Light, Always!

For many years I had anticipated a move from Jersey in the UK (the original Jersey!!) to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I already had a long association with the place and had decided by 50 that I would abandon my past professional life that had been in interior decoration and real estate (always with an element of photography for over 27 years) to become a professional photographer in Chiang Mai, the amazing city situated in the North of Thailand. That was over five years ago now.

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When I first arrived, I had expected to become a recognised interiors photographer but for one reason or another that didn’t really happen. The last thing I expected was to become known for my portraits and wedding photographs of couples with elephants! That journey started around two years ago and is all down to the amazing Alexa Tkawpa of who had spotted my website and contacted me to see if I could photograph a wedding for some of her guests. Buddhist ceremony in the temple, no problem I said. “Then there will be photos with an elephant in the river” she said. “Oh!” I said.

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