Trail Riding Types: How to Pick the Best Mountain Bike Terrain for You

Finding a flawless mountain biking trail in Tirol isn’t that hard. It’s all about what type of terrain, flow, and length you want. Looking for less pedaling, more downhill fun? Opt for a lift-assisted buttery-smooth roller-coaster track void of technical elements to slow you down. With these Tirol mountain biking locales, you can’t go wrong. See you on the trails!

Formidable Forest Trail Surfing in Nauders

Gravity aficionados flock to Nauders Region in Tirol’s Oberland for their 3-Country Enduro Trails. Four gondolas offer lift-assisted riding, which makes access to the 12 trails even easier. These rides will keep you so busy that you might not even have time to check out all the new trails that Nauders is constantly building. Beyond the sheer variety of trails, they are all linked together in a highly functional, user-friendly network.

Nauders MTB 2 (c) Andreas Vigl

Its vastness makes it likely that you’ll have the area to yourself adding a feeling of remoteness, even on beautiful sunny days. You’ll only meet other smiling folks at the bases of the gondolas and lifts. Nauders has plenty of singletrack elbow room, and fresh air to fill your lungs. From technical sections to super-flowy, super-fast and super-smooth pieces of singletrack, the trail options in Nauders run the gamut.


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