Top 10 Weirdest Discoveries Ever Made

Discoveries are made every now and then and we get to learn about them through the internet, TV, and newspaper. Some do not attract us much and some leave us awe-struck. If you find the discoveries that you so long have heard about strange, then those that we shall now share with you will leave you dumbstruck, as these are the top 10 weirdest discoveries ever made.

10. Nazca Lines

Weirdest Discoveries Ever Made
These are unusual white line formation that you can see if you take a flight trip over the southern Peru desert. This is a famous UNESCO world heritage site and the ancient strange formations have shapes of triangles, rectangles, swirls, and trapezoids. If you observe closely then you will be able to see 300 geometrical shapes, plant structures, and 70 animals. TheĀ reason behind the creation of these linesĀ is still not known but according to the archeologists, the Nazca Indians made the Nazca lines somewhere between 500 B.C and 750 A.D.

9. Tongue of Stone

In the 3rd or 4th century in Britain, a strange burial was performed in a village. When in 1991 some archeologists started digging at that site in Northamptonshire they found it strange when they found just one of the 35 bodies had been buried face down. What attracted attention was the mouth of this man. His tongue had been amputated and it was replaced by a piece of rock. Such mutilation has not been heard of and perhaps was the first time ever such a punishment was given to someone.


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