Top 10 Stunning And Mysterious Cloud Formations

Do you recall the day you looked in the sky and saw a face hidden amongst the clouds or a creepy figure of unidentified behemoth? Well, you are alone. The pages of history are littered with strange tales of gallantry men who saw and documented mysterious cloud formations. Unfortunately, these sighting took place in the pre-camera era and what exactly they saw is lost to time and up for debate.

Fast-forward into 21 Century, the globe is littered with millions of camera and bored souls up for some spine tingling adventure and these spectacular photos are a sure fire sign of tricks the clouds can play.

10. The Man In The Cloud

The Man In The Cloud

In Sci-Fi movies, robots are known to make apocalyptic jump to the inner recess of the universe to square it off with the ‘’not so friendly Aliens’’ or comet hurtling towards the earth. Unfortunately, such feats are impossible and the and remain strictly in the realms of sci. However, Nick O’Donoghue got a rare glimpse of the super man while on a trans-continent journey.

Early in 2016, the software support team manager became a house hold name after snapping an iconic photo of a man walking at 30,000 fts with no fear of plummeting to death. Immediately he uploaded his creepy snap, he received hundreds of calls from excited viewers who claimed the loner had a strikingly similar looks to the movie icon ‘’The Iron Man’’. Though several theories were put in place to explain the creepy find, what exactly he saw is up for debate.

9. The Mysterious Face Of A Man

The Mysterious Face Of A Man
In 2011, Denis Farmer had all the reason to be worried; the sky was dark bearing all the marks of an imminent storm. With minutes before deluge, he caught a ghostly sight of a human head complete with face, nose, and eye sockets and to top up with a smiling mouth.

Determined to share his new find, he quickly grabbed a camera and snapped the photo moments before it dissipated into other clouds. After going public with the photo, he received tones of feedback with some clearly pointing out it was a roman god showing off and even a confession of a business man cum evangelist who swore God had paid Canada a courtesy call. What do you think?


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